FIEN Pura bellezza


A Dutch jewelry brand representing Pure Beauty “Pura bellezza”. FIEN Pura bellezza offers a timeless collection of jewelry which consists especially of earrings, but also of bracelets and chains. FIEN jewels are URBAN CHIQUE, TIMELESS, FASHIONABLE and ELEGANT.



FIEN uses various materials for her collection such as semi-precious stones like agate and chalcedony, but also shell, buffalo horn and ebony. Some FIEN pieces are additionally processed with gold or silver leaf and a range of various lacquer colors.

FIEN Pura bellezza is known for her high quality stainless steel earrings in gold, rosé gold and silver plating. She offers a wide range of earring elements so you are able to mix & match every day. FIEN consists of a wide BASIC collection and an EXCLUSIVE collection with several of her most special pieces. The price range varies from the middle to the middle-high segment and will depend on materials and finishing.



FIEN jewels are urban chique, timeless, fashionable and elegant. Each design has the distinct FIEN essence. Our designs are effortlessly wearable by every woman to make her look sensational and confident for every occasion.

Pure look & feel

 “The more durable pieces are the ones we treasure. They grow on you. Natural materials absorb the traces of our life and leave a personal patina. Every piece is unique with its natural marks. This is a sign of quality and natural beauty.”


PRIVATE Label, limited Collection 

On request FIEN jewels and colors can be customized to the current fashion (collection) of a store or brand.


Social responsibility & Environment 

The way we consume makes us aware how we love and treat life. Our collection is handcrafted by local artisans all over the world and all materials are treated naturally.

With FIEN you choose for a transparent production process which is kind to people and environment. Each jewel is designed and made with fairness and love, as well as quality.



FIEN designs are timeless which every woman should have in her wardrobe. FIEN Pura bellezza strives to develop jewelry which remain distinctive.


About the Designer  

Anne-Marie van Maarseveen has always been distinct. Standing out from the crowd was not always easy but it gave her the inner strength to harness her creative talents and channel them into jewelry. FIEN Pura bellezza was established in 2013 and has quickly become an international jewelry brand. The brand name is inspired by her daughter ‘Anne-Fiene’ & providing women in general with ‘pura bellezza’.

Anne-Marie draws her inspiration from everything around her. Human beings, Italy, fashion and also art and nature are part of design.

Through FIEN, Anne-Marie and her team wants every woman to feel how distinctly beautiful she is every day.


Visit our e-shop where you can find every time a small & different part or our collection and let yourself be surprised by the simplicity and strength of our jewelry.

Find your UNIQUE piece or spoil a friend!


“La bellezza delle cose esiste nella mente che li considera”